We created our Fraud Policy to prevent users from creating fake stats and cashing out, harming everybody in the network. We have listed down rules related to traffic and tasks below. In case these rules are violated, action will be taken against offenders and their account will be banned.
Fraud Policy
All unauthentic traffic is prohibited. That's it. If either our manual review team, or our automated AI, find any faked stats (or attempts to do so) with your account, your account will be terminated and you will be permanently banned from RewardsFam.and accessing its services.
Some examples of creating fake inauthentic stats
  • Clicking your own link, repeatedly
  • Clicking your link using different devices
  • Using a VPN, and clicking your link
  • Using fake traffic sites to buy traffic
  • Using any automated software or bot to generate fake clicks to your link
  • Signing up under your own referral link repeatedly
  • Using another device to sign up under your own referral link
  • Using a VPN to sign up under your own referral link
  • Using any automation software or bot to automate the referral process
  • Using fake traffic sites to buy referrals
YouTube Submission
  • Using an old video with a new title from the Submissions guidelines page for YouTube
  • Creating random fake short videos which are not about RewardsFam.
  • Completing the same task multiple times using a VPN software